Wicker Promoted to Lead the Oradell Police Department

The Oradell Police Department will soon have a new captain in its ranks.

During a council meeting last week, Councilman Edward Pfleging announced the approval of Detective Sgt. William Wicker as the new captain of the police department, along with a slew of other promotions in the police department.

The promotions come after months of evaluation; the hiring of three new police officers in October and after the department had been left without a chief and a shortage in staff since former Police Chief Frank Florio retired last March.

Pfleging said that the mayor and council unanimously approved the promotion of Wicker after a recommendation from the Public Safety Committee.

"After many months of evaluation, I am happy to announce that the Public Safety Committee unanimously recommends Det. Sgt. Wicker for the position of captain of the Oradell Police Department. Congratulations, Detective Sgt. Wicker," said Pfleging.

Wicker will be sworn in as captain at the next borough council meeting on Dec. 15.

"The mayor and council also unanimously agree with the recommendations, and on Dec. 15 Detective Sgt. Wicker will be sworn in as our captain," said Pfleging. "That will be done at the next meeting. It should be a festive meeting, while we hand out a badge and swear him in."

Pfleging said that a lot of hard work by all parties involved led to the promotions and filling of several positions.

"Look, I'm personally very proud of the work the Public Safety Committee has done in getting to this point," said Pfleging. "I think we all know that this has been an evolution. I feel this is a turning point for the police department and the beginning of new leadership team there. I know Captain Wicker will exceed our expectations."

Pfleging also announced the promotions of sergeants and detective.

"So even more good news about the police department: As we all know, Sgt. [Kevin] Smith retired a couple of months ago and now Detective Sgt. Wicker is being promoted to captain and for this and other staffing needs, I'm happy to also announce the Public Safety Committee unanimously has recommended to the mayor and council that we make promotions to the rank of sergeants to the following officers: Officer John Campbell and Officer Derek Kahill and I congratulate both of these fine officers, so again, congratulations, gentlemen. In addition, the Public Safety Committee recommends that we promote Officer Marc Fedorchak to the rank of detective and I congratulate Officer Fedorchak as well," said Pfleging.

Pfleging said that the promotions were a long time coming.

"The mayor and council also unanimously approve these recommendations and on Dec. 15, these officers will also be sworn into their new ranks in the Oradell Police Department. I feel very strongly that these officers will also exceed our expectations. I am excited to see these leadership changes take place and I look forward to working close with our new captain next year to continue to build a strong leadership team and to make the Oradell Police Department the very best it can be."

According to Pfleging, Lt. Michael Oslacky, who's been out on sick leave for most of the year, will also return to his post Dec. 1 (after press time).

"We all look forward to the lieutenant's return and we're relieved he has recovered. Welcome back, Lt. Oslacky," said Pfleging.

By Stephanie Alberico

Managing Editor | 

Town News